Did you know, that an internship at a startup is…

Did you know, that an internship at a startup is more demanding than going into a regulated space with an official „internship program“?

Working with startups allows you to become much more involved in the action, not in spending the most of your day in answering phones or getting coffee.

Also you could have the chance for a full-time position, if you work hard and the startup is expanding.To work at most startups with limited staffs it takes a wide array of skills. It is important that everyone is able to do a little bit of everything.

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SOURCE: Business Insider Deutschland / GmbH

100für100 – Internpanel unterstützt Start-Ups

Ihr seid ein Start-Up, nicht älter als 24 Monate und auf der Suche nach internationalen Praktikanten? Dann seid ihr hier richtig. Mit der „100für100 – Aktion“ bieten wir Euch eine direkte Unterstützung an.

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Did you know, that the average earnings of interns….

Did you know, that in 2015 the average earnings of interns in Germany was 950,43 € per month?

That describes a clear increase in contrast to 2014, in which the average earning was 770,89 € per month. This emerges from a study by the management consultancy “Clevis Consult”, in which 6262 interns were interviewed.

The increase of the average salary can be explained by the minimum wage, which was introduced, 2015. Companies are obliged their interns to pay at least 8,50 € per hour, if they stay longer than three months. This does not apply if the placement is part of the training.


INVEST – Zuschuss für Wagniskapital

Das Förderprogramm INVEST – Zuschuss für Wagniskapital (früher: Investitionszuschuss Wagniskapital) unterstützt junge, innovative Unternehmen bei der Suche nach einem Kapitalgeber. Business Angels erhalten 20% ihrer Investition steuerfrei erstattet. Voraussetzung ist, dass sie sich mit mindestens 10.000 Euro an Start-ups beteiligen.

Ziel der Maßnahme ist es mehr Investoren für junge innovative Unternehmen zu gewinnen und die Investitionskraft von Business Angels zugunsten der Start-ups zu erhöhen.

Weitere Informationen zu den Voraussetzungen und der Antragstellung hier.

Erasmus+ Internship Program

The Erasmus+ Internship Program gives Students in higher education the opportunity to complete an internship in one of the 33 participating European program countries. This page gives you an overview of the program countries. More information about the program, e.g. conditions and duration can be found here (in German).

You are interested in doing an internship at a company in an European program country, e.g. @ Amazon in Luxembourg? Check out the ads of Amazon on and apply for the Erasmus+ Internship Program at your University.

Internships provide a Competitive Edge!

Did you know, that an internship can give you a competitive advantage over applicants who do not have relevant work experience?

You are interested in gaining work experience abroad to be more competitive in the job market? This will be your steps:

  1. Begin with a strategy or plan,
  2. Capture your strengths and areas of development,
  3. Capture your preferences of branch and department,
  4. Prepare your application documents.

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How-To… present your office


One of our idea is to give companies the possibility to present their offices and workplaces to be attractive for interns. In case of advertising an internship at you should think about uploading a picture of your workplace – and not just your logo.

Imagine mobile interns:

they might be interested in knowing where thy work – not how your logo looks like. So, if you can’t visualize… go to one of our favorite websites: to get inspired.



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